Glasgow Students for Life wins legal battle for affiliation to Students’ Union

Mar 21, 2019 by

from SPUC:

A victory for free speech!

Glasgow’s students union has said it will allow a pro-life student society to officially affiliate, after it was forced to admit that refusing the group permission breached equality law.

A long saga

Glasgow Students for Life (GSL) first applied to the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) for affiliation in October 2018. They were denied permission the following month. Following this rejection, GSL submitted an equality complaint, arguing that the SRC had directly discriminated against the group of students on account of their beliefs, which is a protected characteristic of the Equality Act 2010. In doing so, the SRC also violated their own Equality and Diversity Policy by denying the group access to their facilities. Despite the complaint, during the SRC’s meeting in December, the group almost unanimously voted to ignore their breach of the Equality Act, leaving GSL with no option but to consider further legal action.

Discrimination under the Equalities Act

In a press release, GSL said: “In our recent letter to the SRC, we highlighted that the discrimination was so obvious that our complaint was completely uncontroversial. Under Part 7 of the Equality Act, GUSRC is an ‘association’ and as such it must not discriminate against its members (sections 100 and 101). Under section 101(2) of the Act, it provides that an association must not discriminate against a member in the way it affords or denies access to a “benefit, facility or service”. The SRC’s refusal to grant affiliation to GSL prevents its associated students from enjoying the benefits of SRC membership – benefits which are otherwise afforded to pro-abortion student societies.

Victory at last

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