Global South Revolts Against Western Sexual Agenda at World Health Assembly

Jun 3, 2022 by

by Stefano Gennarini JD, C-Fam:

In a statement of defiance against Western pressure on sexual mores, over 120 countries rejected a U.S.-backed global strategy to address HIV/AIDS because it promotes the homosexual/trans agenda and sexual autonomy for children.

Only 61 out of 194 countries voted in favor of a new strategy of the World Health Organization to combat HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases that was backed by the Biden administration and other Western delegations. This came in a frantic late night session on the final day of the World Health Assembly last Saturday.

Thirty countries abstained and ninety chose not to cast a vote at all because of “non-consensual” language about homosexuality, transgenderism, comprehensive sexuality education, and sexual autonomy for children. Among these were most countries in Sub-Saharan Africa where HIV/AIDS has the highest prevalence.

The strategy was nonetheless adopted because many countries that object to the sexual policies of the West are also reliant on global assistance and therefore understand they cannot block the agenda overtly.

The new global strategy shuns abstinence, fidelity, and other risk-avoidance strategies, which aren’t mentioned even once. It promotes a harm-reduction approach instead. This involves providing expensive drugs and prophylactics to enable sexually promiscuous individuals, men who have sex with men, and others who engage in high-risk behaviors to continue to do so.

After adoption, delegates from the Nordic countries, Canada and the United Kingdom criticized their colleagues for failing to support the strategy. They said the strategy was a “technical document” prepared by experts and that diplomats should not object.

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