God be with you til we meet again (and help us know what to do when we can!)

Jun 30, 2020 by

by Stephen Kneale:

Now it has been announced that churches are allowed to reopen for services from 4th July, although not all the guidance has been made clear and we are still awaiting written guidelines [they are now here – ed], the headline is that churches may meet subject to social distancing measures.

For some, that announcement sparked a mad panic. For others, well thought through plans were able to be actioned. For others, the question was moot as they have taken the decision not to meet until more folks are able to attend and more elements of our usual church services are reintroduced.

At our church, we had three (very) broad plans in place:

  1. Scenario 1 – the ability to meet with major restrictions and 2m social distancing
  2. Scenario 2 – the ability to meet with significant restrictions and 1m social distancing
  3. Scenario 3 – the ability to meet with minor restrictions and minimal social distancing

By and large, we are have been dealt something close to scenario 2. It is out intention to meet when we are first permitted, so our first Sunday with anyone back in our building will be 5th July.

But what have we done to prepare and what are our plans for what we can do? In no particular order, it is this:

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