God, Greed, and the Prosperity Gospel

Aug 9, 2019 by

by Tim Challies.

[…] God, Greed, and the Prosperity Gospel [by Benny Hinn’s nephew, Costi Hinn] is a semi-autobiographical examination and assessment of the prosperity gospel. With his unique insider’s perspective, he is able to combine theological insights with personal experience, and the combination packs a punch. He tells how the ministry functions and how its obsession with money is every bit as substantial as it appears to outsiders. While he affirms that God is capable of performing miracles, he shows how ministries like Hinn’s far over-promise and massively under-deliver. He carefully exposes the prosperity gospel as being demonstrably false and biblically wrong. In that way this is a purposeful biography that uses his story as a means to teach truth.

Yet even while Costi exposes some of what happens behind the scenes of a ministry like this one, his book is not a tabloid. It does not contain shocking or scandalous disclosures. It’s obvious that while he has significant disagreements with his family, he continues to love them and wishes to persuade them to repent and to preach the truth. He speaks truth, but in a loving way. He leaves no doubt of his convictions, but also no doubt of his desire to be persuasive to anyone who is trapped in or drawn to prosperity theology.

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