“God has called us… to stand for the true gospel witness”

Nov 9, 2021 by

by Russell Powell, Sydney Anglicans:

The Global South grouping of the Anglican Communion is moving away from being based on geography to being founded on doctrinal orthodoxy.

This is a significant move for the group, which – at its first meeting in 1994 – gathered churches from all parts of the Southern Hemisphere including Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas.

“With the theological diversity in the Anglican Communion growing beyond the bounds of the plain reading of Holy Scripture and the unchecked spread of revisionism in the Anglican communion, it has become necessary for the Global South body to have a clear doctrinal foundation,” said its new chairman. Archbishop Justin Badi Arama from South Sudan. “With that foundation clearly in place, we want our Global South fellowship to major on gospel mission and ministry in the world.”

Archbishop Arama then quoted Billy Graham. “The famous evangelist of our generation said, ‘I want to take Christianity back to the book of Acts where the first-century followers of Christ were accused of turning the Roman Empire upside down’. I believe God has called us in the Global South Fellowship of Anglicans to stand for the true gospel witness in our time.”

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