Government should ban trans indoctrination aimed at children ASAP

May 8, 2020 by

from Christian Concern:

Carys Moseley comments on how the Government Equalities Office has been confronting transgender education since Liz Truss became Minister for Equalities.

Things seem to be changing at the Government Equalities Office now that Liz Truss is Minister for Equalities. I have previously looked at how she has set out priorities for the GEO that differ in important ways from its ethos up until very recently. Over the past week Truss has had to confront a major trans indoctrination programme affecting primary schools in London.

Primary schools’ anti-bullying programme challenged

On 1 May Caroline ffiske, a former adviser to the government of New Zealand, exposed a trans indoctrination programme called ‘Free To Be’ in an article published by the Conservative Woman website. ‘Free To Be’ is an LGBT equality and anti-homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying programme run by a group called EqualiTeach. EqualiTeach is a ‘not-for-profit equality and diversity training and consultancy organisation’. ‘Free To Be’ has been used in 27 primary schools in Greater London. The article reveals how this programme encouraged the schools to challenge ‘heteronormative and cisnormative models of families, identities and relationships’, and introduces the idea of ‘innate gender identity’, in other words the theory that some children are ‘born in the wrong body’.

Shortly after this revelation Liz Truss tweeted this statement:

“This document was not approved by government. It does not reflect government policy. The GEO logo should not be on it and I have asked for it to be removed.”

What does this really mean?

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