GS 2055 ‘no’ vote: reaction

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Earlier reports and comment about the Bishops’ Report GS 2055 here 

Reports and reaction to the Synod debate and vote on GS 2055

Orthodox responses:

Statement on Synod’s rejection of Bishops’ report in CofE from GAFCON

The Radical Call To Go The Wrong Way’. Archbishop Welby’s charge to General Synod. by Gavin Ashenden

The historical basis for policy of ‘radical inclusion’ in the C of E, satire by Melvin Tinker, Anglican Ink

Synod fiddles while Canterbury burns, more satire from Jules Gomes

A foolish man builds his church on fudge. Take note, Justin by Rod Liddle, The Times (£)

Memo To Bewildered Bishops – Please Be Shepherds, Not Sheep by David Baker, Christian Today

The Church of England needs a decision, not more of the same by James Oakley

What About The Rights Of The Gay Christians Who Choose Celibacy? by David Bennett, Christian Today

GAFCON UK responds to Synod vote, and offers a new vision for faithful Anglicanism

It’s time for the Church of England to lay down the law on marriage, by Andrea Williams, Telegraph

The one speech at the General Synod marriage debate which brought it all together – Christian Medical Comment, Peter Saunders

On Synod, sexuality and not ‘taking note’, by Ian Paul, Psephizo

The Ethic of Moral Compromise: What the Pharisees Could Teach the Church of England by Rollin Grams, Bible and Mission

I feel bullied for being same-sex attracted and faithful to the teaching of Jesus on marriage, by Sam Allberry, Evangelical Focus

Manipulative, domineering revisionists must be opposed, not appeased by Andrew Symes

Anglican Unscripted #271 – CofE defeats their Compromise – YouTube, Anglican Unscripted

Sex and the Church: how does a “radical new Christian inclusion” differ from the world’s? – Archbishop Cranmer


Liberal reaction

Statement to the House of Bishops – February 2017 from Accepting Evangelicals

Being radical about Radical Inclusion by David Walker, Bishop of Manchester

Inclusion doesn’t represent the weakening of tradition, but the fraying of evangelical control by Linda Woodhead, Prospect Magazine

What is really going on in the Church of England by Kelvin Holdsworth

If the Church of England continues to smother liberal Anglicans, it is heading for a split – Telegraph, Michael Fabricant

Back to the Holy Drawing Board, with some relief – Alan Wilson

The clergy has moved on. It’s the bishops who are out of touch  – Guardian, Giles Fraser 

 Modern Church responds to Synod vote on sexuality and marriage

OneBodyOneFaith Archbishops’ bold proposal for radical inclusion

Official C of E Comment and Statements

Letter from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York following General Synod

Anglican Communion News Service No easy solution to same-sex marriage issue, secretary general tells C of E Synod

Secretary General of the Anglican Communion: ADDRESS TO THE GENERAL SYNOD OF THE C of E

Media reports

Synod vote on same-sex relations: it was female clergy wot won it (or lost it) by Archbishop Cranmer

GAFCON Issues New Calls For Rebellion Against Archbishop Of Canterbury by Harry Farley, Christian Today

16 Feb

Archbishops Call For ‘Radical New Christian Inclusion’ After Synod Blocks Sexuality Report – Christian Today

Welby calls for radical inclusion for the Church of England – Anglican In

Church of England bishops seek to repair divisions over same-sex relationships – Guardian

15 Feb

Church of England clergy issue shock rebuke to Bishops’ conservative view on sexuality, by Harry Farley, Christian Today

Church takes step towards gay marriage after vote rejects controversial report – Telegraph

Church of England in turmoil as synod rejects report on same-sex relationships – Guardian

Church Of England Bishops Apologise To Gay Christians For Report On Sexuality – Christian Today

Opposing sides cannot even agree about what divides them – Times (£), Patrick Kidd

Bishop apologises for accidentally pressing wrong button in vote – Guardian

Church of England’s rejection of gay marriage report welcomed – BBC

Church of England votes against gay marriage report – BBC

Bishops’ Pastoral Letters

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