Hard pressed on every side

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Eight kinds of pressure facing persecuted Christians today, from Barnabas Fund Magazine:

The Church today is under intense pressure – pressure which has only increased since the Covid-19 crisis that swept across the globe in 2020. There are many forms of persecution against Christians in today’s world. These are not isolated from one another, but overlap and interact to intensify the hardship faced by our brothers and sisters.

Top-down oppression from authorities and government policies is mounting, and bottom-up pressures from communities and rapid social change are rising. Added to these, natural disasters, regional conflict and terrorist activity overlay day-to-day ongoing discrimination and marginalisation.

War and conflict are causing Christians to flee their homes, and with displacement comes greater deprivation and often discrimination for refugees forced to leave their homelands. Natural disaster, such as flood, disease and locust plagues, can arrive on top of this to place Christians at the very margins of survival. The global Church is hemmed in on every side.

1. Government policy

An increasing source of top-down pressure on Christians is coming from government policies. Sometimes this is as a result of explicit legislation but it can also be due to the “unofficial” actions of national governments or regional/local administrations. Often it is the result of an authoritarian state’s commitment to its official ideology, whether communism, Islam, or something else.

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