Harvey Weinstein and the New Puritanism

Oct 11, 2017 by

by Fr Dwight Longenecker:

I feel Harvey Weinstein’s pain. He was brought up in the Playboy culture and now Hugh Hefner is dead.

He’s befuddled. He was told the girls were all good time girls and that all he had to do as a powerful guy was appear in his bathrobe and they would jump in the tub with him for a fun time.

Suddenly women are appearing who are shocked. Yes shocked that such things should be going on!

Now the girls are getting all indignant and saying they don’t like that sort of stuff and poor Harvey’s lost his job and is crying about it like a big baby and saying, “Please let me have my job. I promise I’ll go to therapy!”

Furthermore, if Harvey Weinstein can come crashing down, the lawyers must be rubbing their hands with glee. The girls who have been preyed on must be checking their notes, and the other aging playboys must be trembling lest their pubic adventures become public.

This whole pathetic episode is really quite remarkable. What we are seeing in the popular culture is the rise of a kind of Puritanism we thought was long gone. The sexuality police will be out in full force to get every guy who lets his randy impulses get the better of him. The lawsuits will fly and the suits will scurry once they whiff that there’s money to be had in suing the playboys for their misdeeds.

I know the sexual libertarians will say, “This is not about sex. Its about power.” Harvey and Bill Clinton and Donald Trump and a host of other big guys use their power over women to get what they want.

This is true enough, but whether we like it or not, sex always has a dimension of power, and if women think it is only men who exert power they should look in the mirror again. As a pastor I deal with marriage breakdown and I can tell you that women can be just as manipulative, scheming and nasty as men when it comes to the sex-power game. They just use different tools.

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