Has the Church’s Shocking Response to Black Lives Matter & Covid Shown It’s No Longer Fit for Purpose?

Aug 10, 2020 by

from The New Culture Forum Channel:

In response to the #BLM protests, The Archbishop of Canterbury has called for a review of statues in Anglican churches and cathedrals. He also called on the Church of England (of which he is principal leader) to reconsider its artistic portrayal of Jesus as white (even though other cultures depict Jesus as black, Chinese etc. etc. ). Shortly after, an ancient cathedral choir was reported to be disbanding due to lack of diversity.

This comes at a time when the gap between clergy & laity seems to grow ever wider. Despite the fact that the majority of people who attend Anglican church services voted for Brexit and hold generally conservative views, the Archbishop and his fellow bishops have also used the pulpit to denounce Brexit, criticise capitalism, promote immigration/open borders and oppose specific policies of the Conservative government such as Universal Credit.

Many believe the Church has also failed in its duty to minister to the needs of its followers during the Covid-19 crisis (the greatest crisis since World War Two), when all church buildings were closed *before* the government lockdown. In the midst of such suffering and sorrow, many faithful sought spirtual as much as physical healing — yet they found the doors to their places of worship locked.

Joining Peter Whittle to discuss this are:

* Rafe Heydel-Mankoo, Historian & Broadcaster

* Benjamin Loughnane, Theologian & Consultant

* Marc Sidwell, Deputy Editor of Smith Magazine & author of our new publication “The Long March”

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