His material is darkly anti-Christ, but BBC peddles Pullman’s myths

Nov 19, 2019 by

by Kathy Gyngell, The Conservative Woman:

PHILIP Pullman is one of the most talented and influential of contemporary children’s authors.  He’s a powerfully imaginative storyteller, his prose passing that litmus test of appealing as much to adults as to children.

It has taken the BBC a surprisingly long time to catch up with him. Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy was first published in the mid to late 1990s. The National Theatre got there years ago, with a dramatisation of Northern Lights.

Why so long for the BBC to adapt them for TV. Why now? Has the Beeb just woken up to the novels’ woke Gyptians’ diversity potential?  Has it just clocked the opportunity they give to splash Pullman’s subversive and anti-Christian message across our screens in the run-up to Christmas? Maybe.

The BBC’s adaptation should come with a warning. The corporation’s public commitment to its ‘progressive’, identity politics agenda (set out here and here) means all its output needs examination in this context and not least when the production values are high as with this drama series.

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