Hispanic Parents Frightened About CA’s Sex-Ed For Their Kids Treated With Disdain By School Board, Report Says

Mar 15, 2019 by

by Hank Berrien, Daily Wire:

On May 12, the Santa Ana, California, district school board district held a meeting at which Hispanic parents, concerned that their children were being taught values that were not in keeping with their own, were reportedly treated with disdain and condescension, while school board members allegedly chastised them for their concern.

As Kira Davis, who attended the meeting, noted at Townhall.com, ”The state Department of Education and many CA school districts have made the new sex ed compliance requirements and ensuing parent review periods intentionally vague and poorly marketed … The ACLU has begun sending out lawyers to school board information meetings on curriculum and very vocally and publicly reminding officials and parents that the time has come to move forward or their schools will face immediate legal action.”

Speaking of the meeting itself, Davis wrote that the district is heavily Hispanic, and many Hispanic parents were confused and upset they had not been apprised of details of the new sex-ed curriculum. Davis pointed out, “California law requires curriculum framework to be provided in English and Spanish to parents for approval. No Spanish curriculum has been made available to parents in that district.”

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