GAFCON Marches Relentlessly Forward even as Welby’s World Withers

May 21, 2019 by

by David Virtue, VOL:

A blind man reading a Braille bible could spot the growing fragmentation in the Anglican Communion. It is schism in all but name.

Over passing months, GAFCON gathers to itself a growing core of orthodox Anglicans from across the globe. They demonstrate their discontent with both the status quo and the growing invasion of pansexuality into a Communion increasingly dominated by postmodern, indeed post Christian minds.

As western Anglicanism capitulates before a dying sensate culture, promoting progressive forms of the Christian Faith, true Anglican believers peel off, announcing that enough is enough. They refuse any longer to bow the knee to Canterbury or Lambeth Palace.

It happened again this week. Twelve parishes formerly in the province of Aotearoa, (New Zealand) fed up with their province’s drift into the formal acceptance of homoerotic marriage, declared their independence. They announced they were installing their own bishop and would head out on their own to reclaim New Zealand for Christ.

They gathered and formed the Church of Confessing Anglicans Aotearoa/New Zealand, a new Anglican Diocese standing firmly in Anglican faith and practice, and structurally distinct from the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia.

It was a bold and brave move. Of course, they are not the first to have abandoned the ecclesiastical ship they had been wallowing in. A group of equally brave Brazilian Anglicans had done the same thing back in 2013, abandoning their ecclesiastically and morally challenged episcopal province that had been backed by the American episcopal church. They launched out on their own.

Excommunicated, with their properties ripped from them, they determined to start over, knowing that God was on their side. Today they are self-sufficient and growing rapidly under the leadership of Bishop Miguel Uchoa.

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