Home Office refuses asylum to Iranian Christian convert – quoting violence in the Bible as evidence of bogus claim

Mar 20, 2019 by

by Archbishop Cranmer:

An Iranian Muslim who converted to Christianity because it is the true religion of peace has had their application for asylum in the UK rejected because the Home Office didn’t believe the veracity of their conversion. In giving reasons for the rejection, the Home Office adduced various violent passages from the Bible as incontrovertible evidence that Christianity is not as peaceful a religion as the Iranian Christian claimed it to be, and this gap in their theological expository knowledge is, the Home Office avers, proof that their conversion was not genuine.

This is really quite extraordinary. It is almost so absurd has to be literally incredible, but this is the Home Office we’re talking about, so the revelation that asylum applications from Middle East Christians are assessed by religiously illiterate apparatchiks who google random proof texts from Scripture and use them to make life-and-death decisions perhaps ought to come as no surprise.

Here are excerpts from the letter of rejection:

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