House Democrats Block Request to Vote on Bill to Stop Infanticide For a Third Time

Feb 9, 2019 by

by Steven Ertelt, Life News:

For the third time in three days, House Democrats blocked a request by Republicans to vote on a bill that would stop infanticide.

This is the fourth time Congressional Democrats thwarted an attempt by Republicans to vote on a bill that would provide medical care and treatment for babies who provide survived failed abortions — three times in the House and once in the Senate.

Yesterday, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise asked Democrats to allow a vote on what should be a noncontroversial bill. They refused.

“Before the entire House, I asked for immediate consideration of a bill that protects infants born alive during abortions. But Democrats rejected my motion and refused to consider it. Why won’t they go on record and tell the American people where they stand on infanticide?” Scalise asked on Twitter following the denial.

Today, pro-life Congresswoman Ann Wagner of Missouri asked the House for unanimous consent to bring up the bill to stop infanticide. House Democrats blocked it:

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