How California’s LGBT Therapy Ban Could Ban Christianity Itself

May 5, 2018 by

by Joy Pullman, The Federalist:

Three-quarters of California’s state assembly supported a bill that has striking implications for American citizens’ first freedoms, in that state and nationally. It is ostensibly a ban on gay and transgender “conversion therapy,” but the bill’s vague and sweeping text could affect essentially every institution of every religion that affirms sexual complementarity.

We’re talking churches, schools, religious charities, summer camps — every forum that involves a financial transaction could be banned from allowing any discussion of basic doctrines of sexuality that Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, among others, have held for thousands of years. We’re talking core doctrines of religions adhered to by billions of people being outlawed from discussion in any forum that involves money changing hands, possibly even houses of worship themselves.

I know that sounds outlandish, but that is a plain reading of the bill text. Let’s look at it.

The bill amends the state’s commercial fraud laws as follows:

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