How can we start the conversation about sexuality in the local church?

May 1, 2022 by

by Ian Paul, Psephizo:

In November 2020, the Church of England Evangelical Council (CEEC), which is a coalition of evangelical networks and organisations in the C of E, published a film called The Beautiful Story, offering the outline of an ‘orthodox’ response to the current discussions about sexuality in the church. It received a quite mixed response; from many, particularly evangelicals, it was well received, but others were very negative. Some disliked the timing, following straight on from the launch of the LLF material from the Church of England, not least because some people who had been involved in developing LLF featured in the CEEC film. Others objected to the content, and still others (of a range of position) disliked the inclusion in the last five minutes of discussion about the future of the C of E, and the possible need for differentiation or separation within the Church on this issue. I personally felt that this last discussion really distracted from the main content, and that the film would have been much stronger without it.

But the positive aspect of the film was that it was well produced, featured a good diversity of voices, and actually meant that evangelicals and other orthodox in the Church were speaking up in a narrative that has mostly been dominated by other voices.

This week CEEC has launched two more short films, with two more to come, offering resources for use in the local church as conversation starters (or scene setters) on this issue. Supporting notes are included. (CEEC has also produced films and resources on the questions of race and of abuse, but for some reason these have not attracted as much attention.)

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