How has the lockdown affected people’s spiritual habits?

May 13, 2020 by

by Carys Moseley, Christian Concern:

Savanta ComRes has recently published the results of a survey commissioned by Tearfund on British people’s spiritual habits in relation to the lockdown. This survey helps give a detailed picture of how people of different religious affiliation have responded, and of their interaction with churches. The survey is a random representative sample of the adult population of the United Kingdom and was conducted between 24 and 27 April this year.

Although the survey has been briefly reported on in some of the press, mainly the Christian press, it has not so far received very thorough analysis. This is needed as it is looking at a watershed moment in history and running to 210 pages, it furnishes very important and thorough evidence that churches need to understand in order to be better at reaching people.

Relationship between prayer and being in lockdown

The survey asked when at all did respondents engage in certain spiritual activities. What this meant was whether they had started since lockdown, continued from before the lockdown, used to do so but stopped since lockdown, or have never engaged in such activities.

These include prayer, watching a religious service, listening to a religious service, listening to religious music, contact with a religious worker, asking someone to say a prayer, meditating or doing a mindfulness activity, and reading a religious text.

How often do people normally pray?

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