How JK Rowling outsmarted the LGBT mob when it accused her of bigotry

Feb 20, 2020 by

by Jonathon Van Maren, LifeSite:

Eventually, the LGBT mob had to disperse before it became too obvious that their rage was impotent—and that they were losing.

As the transgender phenomenon continues to unfold, one of the questions I am most frequently asked is whether I think the momentum of the trans movement has an expiration date. Considering the staggering amount of territory trans activists have conquered in an incredibly short amount of time, can they be stopped? Will the silent majority (which does not think that men can get pregnant) push back, or will they ignore everything and go about their lives until society has been effectively restructured and the trans activists have succeeded in “breaking the binary”?

A year ago, I answered that question in this space by noting that the trans ideology is being imposed from the top-down, and that the majority of ordinary people do not actually believe that gender is fluid. In fact, the trans movement has actually attracted ire by seeking to aggressively persecute men like Harry Miller, who got a visit from the cops for retweeting a scathing poem mocking the trans movement’s claim that men identifying as women were, in fact, still men. In a recent positive turn of events, a UK judge ruled that the police visit represented a “disproportionate interference” with Miller’s freedom of speech and stated that “In this country, we have never had a Cheka, a Gestapo or a Stasi. We have never lived in an Orwellian society.”

I might quibble with that last one, but the fact that a judge was willing to say so is, at least, an encouraging development. And as I wrote earlier this year, the decision of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling to send out a tweet in defense of Maya Forstater, the woman fired for expressing her view that men could not become women simply by identifying as women, was very significant due to Rowling’s impeccable progressive credentials and her enormous popularity. “Dress however you please,” Rowling tweeted. “Call yourself whatever you like. Sleep with any consenting adult who’ll have you. Live your best life in peace and security. But force women out of their jobs for stating that sex is real? #IStandWithMaya #ThisIsNotADrill.”

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