How Legalized Abortion Renders Us Impotent in the Fight Against Radical Islam

Mar 21, 2019 by

by Cassandra Chambers, American Thinker:

Each faith has its own rules for right behavior to which non-members are not bound.  My Jewish friends don’t care if I eat a pork chop.  Whether or not non-Catholics eat a steak on Ash Wednesday or don’t go to church means nothing to me.  It’s one of the glories of our country that we respect these differences.  Tolerance and mutual respect help us live together in peace, but they constitute the seed of relativism with which every faith in our open society has to contend.

How do we understand what values are particular to our faith group and which should be universal?  A chaste college freshman encountering free-love dorm life may think, “Although it is wrong for me to engage in promiscuous premarital sex, it’s not against the moral code of my classmates and is therefore not wrong for them.”  This perspective leads directly to rationalizing abortion on the same ground.  To adopt the “personally opposed to abortion but won’t oppose a woman’s choice” position, by the nature of abortion, requires accepting simultaneous conflicting fundamental truths and in turn requires that no essential truth exists.  If someone close to you has an abortion, it can’t be murder because your loved one is not a murderer.  Morally, how do you square the near universal revulsion at a mother killing her newborn baby with the large segment of society that will fight for her right to end the baby’s life a week or two earlier?

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