How many more outrages will women have to put up with to placate the gender ideologues?

Mar 20, 2022 by

by Nicole Lampert, CapX:

When women said they were concerned about the danger of allowing males into single sex spaces in places like prisons and hospitals, they were demonised by the holier-than-thou crowd as ‘bigots’ and ‘transphobes’.

When women said that allowing males into female sport would be unfair, some laughed and said they needed be ‘kinder’.

When women said they wanted Labour, the Greens, the Lib Dems and the SNP to protect women’s rights the parties all responded with, ‘What is a woman?’

This week we have seen yet more of the rotten outcomes produced by the gender ideology creed, and my worry is it is only going to get worse unless someone – and it will probably have to be a man because women apparently can’t be trusted to talk about their own safety – puts an end to this utter madness.

Yesterday, during a debate in the Lords about the controversial Annex B policy, which allows patients to be placed on single-sex wards according to the gender with which they identify, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne revealed the horrendous lies of a hospital board which deliberately hid the fact that a woman had been raped by a trans woman.

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