How Margaret Sanger Tried to Enslave Us All

Oct 17, 2021 by

by Nicole King, The Imaginative Conservative:

The birth control for which Margaret Sanger so passionately fought has led not to freedom, but to slavery of the worst kind, for both men and women. Of this, we as a nation should be very afraid.

Margaret Sanger, the great champion of sexual liberalism, is about as modern as they come in many ways, so much so that a few of her political statements bear a startling affinity to certain celebrity statements surrounding this past election. When John F. Kennedy was running for President, the virulently anti-Catholic Sanger vowed she would leave the country if he were elected. After the election, in a Lady Gaga-esque about-face, she acknowledged that she had heard that the President and First Lady were “sympathetic and understanding toward the problem of world population. I will wait out the first year of Senator Kennedy’s Administration and see what happens.”

In his narrative of the scientific quest for the oral contraceptive, entitled The Birth of the Pill, former Wall Street Journal writer Jonathan Eig admits that “Neither [Sanger] nor anyone else could have imagined how birth control would… contribute to the spread of divorce, infidelity, single parenthood, abortion, and pornography.” Nonetheless, he romanticizes, the pill “set men and women free for generations to make love” wherever and whenever they pleased, “in all the places where men wooed women or women wooed men, a spark was struck, and inhibition surrendered to desire.”

The word that Mr. Eig uses in this description—“free”—is one that Sanger herself uses in almost every paragraph she writes, and one that the early twentieth-century birth-control movement relied on heavily, and that still pops up in practically every modern-day discussion of access to contraception. The word “free” appears regularly with the words “liberty” and “equality,” and is juxtaposed to the word “slavery.”

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