How much are assurances on conversion therapy worth?

Feb 19, 2022 by

from Christian Concern:

Communications Officer Paul Huxley comments on whether we can really trust government assurances that Christian teaching won’t be banned with ‘conversion therapy’.

Last week, a letter signed by 2,500 Christian ministers, warning about the government’s plans to ban ‘conversion therapy’, was taken to 10 Downing Street by its authors.

The authors, including Rev. Dr Matthew Roberts from Trinity Church in York, also met with officials from the Government Equalities Office.

The Telegraph covered the story with the headline Christian teachings to be protected from conversion therapy ban, says Government. At a glance, this is good news; but digging deeper into the assurances leaves me … less assured.


“There is no intention to criminalise Christian teaching”

Dr Roberts is quoted in the article as saying that the government officials were “very, very clear that there is no intention to criminalise Christian teaching.”

So far, so good. But this intention was also clear throughout the government’s proposals, which said “simply expressing the teachings of a religion will not constitute conversion therapy.”

The question is less about what the government intends to do, but about what it does.

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