How should Christians respond to a new lockdown?

Sep 25, 2020 by

by Ian Paul, Psephizo:

We appear to have entered a rather different phase of response and comment on the question of Covid-19 and our response to this legally and socially. At the beginning of the ‘first wave’ in March, there was a widespread sense that we needed to respond quickly and drastically, and most of the criticism was that Government had not acted quickly enough or seriously enough.

The mood appears different now. There is so much more information around, and much more that we do in fact know about the virus—and with that there has been a clearer divergence of expert views on both how to make sense of what is happening and how to respond to it.

This sharpens the question of how Christians should respond. With the divergence of views elsewhere, I have noticed a divergence of views amongst Christian friends and ministry colleagues, and so I thought it worth making some observations about our response overall. I won’t be justifying everything I say; there has been such a torrent of literature, some of it technical and complex, that it would take weeks to note it all. But I think that these observations are easy to support, and they need to shape appropriate Christian response.

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