How Stonewall conquered our institutions

Oct 23, 2021 by

by Joanna Williams, spiked:

Nolan Investigates Stonewall exposes why so many public bodies uncritically embraced the trans lobby.

The influence of Stonewall on some of Britain’s leading institutions has, at long last, been thoroughly exposed. For too long, this lobby group has had free rein to control debate, shape policy and determine practice on transgender issues. Now, Nolan Investigates Stonewall, a superb 10-part podcast series for BBC Sounds, offers insight into how Stonewall operates and why it has been able to gain such power.

Presenter Stephen Nolan and investigative journalist David Thompson offer a badly needed lesson in journalism. Nolan Investigates Stonewall has three features that are missing from much broadcasting today. First, there’s the tenacity. Thompson in particular goes to great lengths in pursuing interviews, submitting freedom-of-information requests and appealing those that are declined. Second, and more importantly, Nolan and Thompson take a genuinely critical approach to the subject matter. We hear from a far wider range of voices than we have come to expect from the BBC. Third, the series allows sufficient time to drill deep into the issues at stake.

Nolan and Thompson interview people, like Professor Kathleen Stock and MP Rosie Duffield, who are frequently monstered as transphobes but are rarely given a public platform to explain their thinking. David Bell, formerly a consultant with the Tavistock Trust, and psychotherapist James Caspian are both given time to explore the harms of rushing children into the process of gender transition. Neither is given an easy ride. But nor are the trans advocates who appear – and we are reminded repeatedly that Stonewall was invited to participate but refused.

Sufficient time is all it takes to expose the vacuousness of the trans cause. Pink News CEO Benjamin Cohen struggles to explain the meaning of ‘two spirit’ gender identity before finally giving in and admitting he can’t. In another episode, he is asked to explain what is wrong with the word ‘mother’ – while he himself uses the word countless times in a bizarre argument about the importance of not offending lesbian parents. He has no answer to Nolan’s retort that ‘mother’ was central to his own mother’s identity.

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