How the Biden plan will increase abortions, decimate religious charity

Oct 30, 2020 by

By Laura Bryant Hanford, Christian Post:

I am a Christian, pro-life woman who has heard pleas in recent weeks from a number of thoughtful pro-life friends not to be a “single-issue” voter.  Abortion, they reason, is not materially impacted by the presidency.  Legitimate considerations undergird this view —until you actually read the Biden platform.

The argument that US presidents have little impact on abortion distills down to two main points, beyond the fact that overturning Roe v. Wade alone will not eliminate abortion.  Namely, the best means of lowering abortion rates are 1) state and local restrictions such as ultrasound laws and waiting periods; and 2) medical care and poverty relief for women that will lift them out of the despair driving them to consider abortion.

But here’s the rub — the Biden Agenda targets both approaches.

Pervading the Biden 2020 Vision is a comprehensive and chillingly specific assault on faith-affirming charity.  Biden has promised, within his first 100 days, legislative and executive actions that will not only target all state restrictions on abortion, but also decimate religious charities at home and abroad.

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