How The Deconstruction Of Sex-Related Biology Could Tear Us Apart

Dec 30, 2018 by

by Frank Camp, The Daily Wire:

[…] Although the mainstreaming of these flagrantly anti-scientific ideas may seem quite extreme, we must accept the possibility that this is only the beginning of a long-term campaign to dismantle reality as we know it, the consequences of which could be dire.

As we pull away from what we know to be true, it will become more and more difficult for us to commonly define what and who we are. In the absence of social definitions anchored in facts, we will drift further away from consensus and into multiple, different, and infinite directions.

Alone and without an anchor, we are more prone to harm ourselves physically, mentally, and socially in pursuit of comfort and stability that cannot be found because it doesn’t exist in the places in which we seek it. We may experience temporary relief, but it is almost always short-lived.

The deconstruction of biology is creating social and cultural chaos because it’s propelling us further away from the shared reality of what constitutes male and female.

Drifting away from a shared, central reality based in facts and reason, we lose sight of each other like a ship loses sight of the land from which it set sail. As time passes, and we communicate less frequently with individuals who do not share our perspective, and only with individuals who reinforce our own belief system, we begin to disassociate ideology from intent. As a result of this disassociation, the people espousing viewpoints with which we disagree, and with whom we previously interacted on a regular and civil basis, become less and less human, and instead turn into scantly drawn caricatures onto whom we can project our fear and anger.

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