How the tail wags the dog in Britain

Jan 31, 2017 by

by David Robertson, Evangelicals Now:

The move to normalise ‘transgender’ will bring a massive change within our culture

But it is one which very few politicians and even fewer in the media and indeed in church seem to recognise or care about. And it will inevitably happen precisely because very few people recognise the importance of the subject and even those who do so are intimidated by the tyranny of the progressives.

The ‘debate’ about the issue in the House of Commons recently was a classic example of how a small well-organised minority can create a social change which will do untold harm. This is how it works:

Step One – Dramatise and talk up the problem

There is no question that Gender Dysphoria is a real psychological problem for which a small minority of the population require help. Figures vary from 0.1% of the population to 0.3%. But this is now the cause celebre, the new shibboleth of progressive culture, the new anti-racism or anti-homophobia, so it is of course ripe for virtue signalling and for the emotive horror stories that no compassionate person would ever question. If you want post-truth, where policy is made by emotion, not by facts and empirical evidence, then this debate was a classic example.

We were told that transgender people are far more likely to commit suicide (apparently 48% have attempted it) and that trans women were 49 times more likely than heterosexuals to get HIV. That they are far more likely to suffer from depression and to engage in alcohol and substance abuse. No one bothered to ask, if this is such a problem, why we are encouraging and promoting such risky behaviour? The answer is just assumed. It is because trans people are bullied, stigmatised, discriminated against that these things happen. But is that assumption correct?

It becomes a completely circular argument: if you dare to question it, then you yourself are transphobic and contributing to the problem. It’s emotional blackmail in its most vicious form. Which then leads on to…

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