How to oppose divisive Progress Pride Flags

Jun 15, 2024 by

from Christian Concern:

We’ve put together letter templates for writing to a business, planning authority, council or Church of England diocese to respectfully voice your opposition against Pride flags being flown in different situations.

For several years, public spaces have been taken over during the summer months, particularly June, with six-coloured rainbow Pride flags.

These alone make many Christians uncomfortable. They support an ideology that has led to many Christians being compelled to be silent about their Biblical beliefs, or in some cases lose their jobs. In most places, these six-coloured flags can be legally flown without special permission in England. Only Church of England churches have extra rules preventing these flags being used. But a new design, called the Progress Pride flag, adds to those six stripes some chevrons representing transgenderism and other groups, most recently being updated to be ‘intersex-inclusive’:

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