How trans ideology took over Scottish schools

Nov 13, 2021 by

by Stuart Waiton, spiked:

The Scottish government says that even young children must have their chosen gender identity affirmed.

Many will have been shocked to see boys and male teachers turn up to Castleview Primary School in Edinburgh wearing skirts last Thursday. ‘Boys as young as three will take part in the gesture in order to “promote equality”’, reported the Daily Mail.

In truth, an initiative like ‘Wear a Skirt to School Day’ is a logical expression of the Scottish education system’s embrace of trans dogma. This is spelled out at length in government guidance called Supporting Transgender Pupils In Schools . This 70-page document shows in detail how the Scottish state is promoting trans identity in schools, often behind the backs of parents.

Debate about gender self-identification is raging throughout society, but the Scottish government has taken a completely one-sided approach in its advice to schools. The Scottish authorities treat an individual’s self-declared gender identity as an unquestionable fact – even when this identity is being voiced by very young children. From the state’s perspective, if a young girl says she is a boy, then she is a boy.

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