How ‘victimhood’ is destroying the Church

Nov 24, 2022 by

by Gavin Ashenden, Catholic Herald:

A misguided quest for equality in the Church is driving us further and further away from God, writes Gavin Ashenden

As with chess, so with battles that the Church is engaged with at the hands of a hostile secular culture, there are just a few basic opening moves. In chess it’s often the “Rudy Lopez”, the “Sicilian Defense” or the “Queen’s Gambit”.

But the Church faces not so much a chess game as a struggle for the integrity of its own soul. The culture wars are a matter of spiritual life or death.

In this metaphysical contest, a little like chess, the opposition also comes at us often with two basic openings. But they work so well, not much more ingenuity is needed.

Equality and victimhood as gambits seem to be slicing through the Church’s rather sleepy and enfeebled response every time. The only proper response to all the criticisms of the Church levelled at it – over inequality, in particular – is that neither the Bible nor tradition are very much exercised by the issue. Certainly not in the same way that secular idealists are.

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