How will Hoseasons enforce its ban on ‘homophobes’?

Aug 24, 2019 by

by Brendan O’Neill, Spectator:

Gillette has learned the hard way that if you annoy your customer base, your business will suffer. Ever since it released its woke men-bashing ad earlier this year, its sales have slumped. Who’d have thought it? Telling men they’re disgusting bullies and sexual harassers — as Gillette’s ad did — will not endear you to men! Blokes walked away from Gillette. They stopped buying its razors. Turns out that calling your customers scum isn’t a good idea.

[…] Some companies are taking the wokeness to ridiculous levels. Holiday firm Hoseasons, which last year arranged holidays for 1.7m people at 660 destinations in the UK and Europe, has declared that it doesn’t want bigots using its services. ‘Hoseasons as a brand needed to stand for something’, said the chief portfolio officer of its parent company this week: ‘And I don’t want racist or homophobic customers booking with Hoseasons.’

There is something touchingly ridiculous about this. Mate, you’re a holiday firm, not Martin Luther King. You book hotels for people; you don’t put your necks on the line for social change. Perhaps Hoseasons will soon release a list of who exactly is allowed to use its services. What about Christians who oppose gay marriage? Or people who want restrictions on immigration? Will they be allowed? Perhaps everyone who goes on the Hoseasons website will be asked: ‘Are you now or have you ever been a homophobe…?’

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