How would you answer the question: ‘What is sin?’

Jan 18, 2018 by

by John Sandeman, Eternity News:

While four-letter words get all the attention, Christians struggle more with some three letter words. “Sin” for example. This word trapped Tim Farron, a public Christian who led the UK Liberal Democrats during last year’s election. On the campaign trail, Farron was asked: “Is gay sex a sin?” He prevaricated, finally answering “no”, and later resigned as the party’s leader.

Farron has recently recanted to a Christian radio station, Premier, saying he should have answered “yes.”

“The thing is, you can’t argue people into a relationship with God.” – Gavin Ashenden

In the wake of the Farron turn-around, London talkback host Ian Dale asked Gavin Ashenden, missionary bishop and former chaplain to the Queen: “So, what is sin to you?”

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