How Writing on Transgenderism Changed Me

Aug 22, 2017 by

from The Gospel Coalition: Sam Allberry interviews Andrew Walker about his new book.

I’m visiting a new city for the first time, and the day I arrived I spent the afternoon walking. A combination of jetlag and complete lack of familiarity with my surroundings meant I got lost. The direction I thought led to home didn’t, and I ended up comically far from where I intended to be.

It’s an experience many of us relate to as we find ourselves in increasingly unfamiliar cultural territory around issues of gender identity. It’s not easy knowing what to think as Christians, and when we search for understanding it can feel like we’ve only gone farther into confusion and perplexity.

After my hapless wanderings, my hosts provided me with a map. For Christians wanting to know how to navigate issues of transgenderism, help is at hand in Andrew Walker’s excellent new book, God and the Transgender Debate: What Does the Bible Actually Say About Gender Identity? (The Good Book Co.) I asked Walker, director of policy studies for the ERLC, about his experience writing on this issue.

What prompted you to write on the controversial subject of transgenderism?

Many reasons.

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Listen to:  Transgender made simple by Dermot O’Callaghan, Core Issues Trust

and Dr Mike Davidson on BBC Southeast Today

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