Huge long-term sacrifices of freedom predicted as coronavirus panic continues

Apr 1, 2020 by

by Liberty Counsel:

Cell phone technology to track and oppress people is no longer the realm of science fiction. It is happening right now.

Governors and mayors have been issuing broad executive orders that are not well vetted and assuming broad powers to shut down businesses with little notice, ordering people to stay home, and imposing fines on violators. Most of the orders operate as if there are no Constitutional protections.

In Los Angeles County, Mayor Eric Garcetti threatened to turn off the water and power to “non-essential” services or people who violate the county’s “safer at home” order. The mayor is dispatching “ambassadors” to monitor compliance and threatening prosecution for violators.

In California, some jurisdictions are using Chinese-made drones equipped with night vision to monitor compliance with the lockdown.

[…]  Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver said, “Our liberty is most vulnerable in times of crisis. We must be very careful not to sacrifice freedom for security. We will get through the Coronavirus, but in the process, we must not sacrifice our freedom. The loss of freedom that we allow today could have long-term consequences. Once lost, freedom is hard to regain,” said Staver.

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