Hull Minster: City of Cultured Despisers Courtesy of the two Archbishops

Jul 19, 2017 by

by Melvin Tinker, Anglican Ink:

After nearly a quarter of a century living in the City of Hull, my love for the people and the place grows each year and the word ‘pride’ is one I would unreservedly use to describe my affection for the town. But of course this cherished word, ‘like ‘gay’, is in danger of being hijacked as it becomes increasingly associated with those who would seek to normalise LGBTQ  activity as part of mainstream life.

Many of us were delighted when Hull was chosen as UK’s City of Culture and, as a result, so many wonderful events are taking place which uplifts the human spirit (for instance this weekend my wife will be attending a BBC proms in the city). But where there is light there tends to be a shadow and so coinciding with this is a Gay Pride rally. This in itself is not surprising. What is surprising is that a church which was once the flagship of Evangelicalism in the City is hosting a ’Service of Welcome’ with members of the LGBT Christian fellowship. Canon Rachel Mann a transsexual lesbian is the main speaker. Canon Mann is the Resident Poet at Manchester Cathedral and a well-known gay activist.

The Rector of the Minister, Canon Dr Neal Barnes, who identifies himself as an evangelical, has defended his decision to host this event by appealing to the statements made by Archbishops Welby and Sentamu after the failed House of Bishops Report earlier this year. This service is being hailed as an example of the kind of ‘radical inclusion’ urged by the two Archbishops. In fact, the service itself has been put together under the guidance of Archbishop Sentamu, so it has the imprimatur of his Grace. Dr Barnes writes in the promotional material, “All are welcome to worship at Hull Minster and this service reflects that. It will be very informal, inclusive and full of joy. We hope many people will come and experience it in this wonderful setting.’

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See another example of ‘facts on the ground’ here: Celebration of lesbian civil partnership at Southwark Cathedral: pictures and comments on Facebook


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