“I AM WHO I SAY I AM” – Reflections on Dundee Pride

Sep 24, 2018 by

by David Robertson, theweeflea:

After Perth Pride we have now had the Dundee version.  By all accounts Dundee Pride on Saturday was a great success – thousands of people from all over Scotland (according to the organisers 8,000) took part at some point.   It was well attended and well-funded – Sponsors included Lush, Tay FM, Explore Dundee, the Bank of Scotland,  Dundee University, Dundee City Council, Unison, Clarks Bakery, the Police, and of course the various LGBT charities and government sponsored groups.

I happened to be cycling through Dundee City Centre at the height of the event (lunchtime) and can certainly affirm that the city square was packed.  It was colourful, loud and lots of people seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Even the Church got involved – as this clip shows. – […]

So everyone is rejoicing.  Everyone thinks its great.  And anyone who disagrees is clearly a bigoted homophobe on the wrong side of history who needs to get with the flow…and if they refuse should be subjected to at least the obligatory 15 minutes hate speech, and a programme of systematic re-education.

Thinking and Saying the Unthinkable

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