I complained about BBC gender madness. This is the smug reply

Nov 17, 2020 by

by Caroline ffiske, The Conservative Woman:

RECENTLY I wrote in The Conservative Woman about the anger caused by the BBC’s shameless pushing of gender ideology at our kids, many more examples of which can be found in this must-read article.

My focus was on one BBC Bitesize article. Bitesize is the BBC’s educational arm, aimed at children. In a piece entitled ‘How to be an ally to friends who’ve changed their pronouns’, Bitesize tells our kids that ‘Non-binary is an umbrella term for people who don’t fit comfortably into “male” or “female” categories’. The article suggests kids should be using pronouns beguilingly described as ‘modern’. These include: Ne (Ne/nem/nir) Ve (Ve/vis/vir) Ze (Ze/zem/zir). And a set of pronouns known as ‘spivak’ (ey, em, eir).

Bitesize perniciously presents modes of behaviour recently dreamt up by gender ideologues as an everyday matter. For example, it says: ‘If your classmate has come out to you as non-binary or put it on their social media bios, you could check if they’re happy to provide an example of their pronouns so you can understand how to use them.’

It suggests these interactions to school children: ‘I noticed you have “x-e” on your profile and I want to make sure I am pronouncing that right’. ‘I heard you say you’re now using “ze/zir” pronouns and I want to make sure I’m using them correctly. Can you give me an example in a sentence?’

Seriously, why?

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