Identity politics in the Church is just sectarianism writ small

May 15, 2018 by

by Martin Sewell, from Archbishop Cranmer:

It all began last week with a tweet from the always provocative and interesting Canadian academic Jordan Peterson. Listening to the constant denigration of the intelligence of those who support President Trump, he gave way to one of his occasional fits of uncomprehending irritation, reminding the more militant critics of Trump supporters that they were talking about 50% of their fellow citizens. I have no doubt he has similar views on the other side.

This struck me as a timely reminder. There is much to object to about President Trump; he can be boorish, impetuous, repetitive and a braggart, yet those who voted for him (and some who did not) cannot help noticing significant progress on the Korean peninsula, a booming economy, and more women, black and Hispanic people in work than ever before, to say nothing of the soaring stock market and record tax receipts following tax cuts, thereby offering another piece of evidence in support of the counter-intuitive ‘Laffer Curve’ theory of taxation policy.

Against this, his opponents at CNN seem obsessed with a 2006 affair with the porn star Stormy Daniels, yet I seem to recall that many of the same critics fought to defend President Clinton in office, arguing that lying over sexual misdemeanour was no reason for a presidential resignation, notwithstanding a power imbalance between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky not dissimilar from that which brought Hollywood disapprobation in the case of Harvey Weinstein.

Perhaps the most significant development last week, however, was polling evidence that following a willingness to give the President a hearing by members of the black community like Kanye West  and Candace Owens, there had been a surge in Trump’s poll numbers amongst African-American voters. That may be increasingly psephologically significant.

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