If the Tories think pushing transgender rights will win the next election, they are deluded

Jul 5, 2018 by

by Stephen Glover, Mailonline:

These are momentous days for Theresa May, the Conservative Party and the nation. There is not much time left to decide what kind of Brexit we should embrace.

So it is surprising, to say the least, that in the middle of a very fraught week the Prime Minister and a Cabinet minister should have been promoting the interests of the vanishingly small number of people who want to change their gender.

On Tuesday, Mrs May held a reception at No 10 for LGBT supporters. She was at pains to make clear that the Government will ease the path for those who want to switch sex. They should not have to go through an ‘invasive’ medical process.

Meanwhile Penny Mordaunt, who is Minister for Women and Equalities as well as International Development Secretary, took to the airways to promote the transgender cause.

She also promised to ban ‘conversion therapy’, which is supposedly being used to persuade people to stop being gay.

Is this classic ‘displacement activity’? In part, certainly. In political terms it is the equivalent of fussing over the menu in the House of Commons while the whole Palace of Westminster goes up in flames.

But actually it’s not just a question of taking one’s eye off the ball at a crucial juncture. Transgender issues may be peripheral to the lives of almost all the population. But they are still capable of igniting an almighty storm.

For in announcing a 16-week public consultation on the issue, Mrs May appeared to open the way to a form of gender ‘self-identification’ which most people oppose, and feminists in particular abominate.

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