If the woke-ist stasi ban Franklin Graham, why don’t they ban diocesan conferences?

Jan 30, 2020 by

by Julian Mann:

American evangelist Franklin Graham has now been banned from three arenas in the UK for his politically incorrect opinions. Venues in Liverpool, Sheffield, and Glasgow have just cancelled the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s advance bookings for their chief evangelist’s planned tour in the summer of this year.

David Grey MBE, chairman of the Sheffield City Trust, which runs the FlyDSA Arena, told me: ‘The assets of the Trust, 17 venues in all, including the Arena are held on a series of leases and contractual agreements from Sheffield City Council. They have invoked a clause that allows them to intervene if there is the likelihood of potential public order or risk to the City’s reputation.’

So, effectively the Trust was bullied by woke activists on Sheffield City Council into cancelling the Graham event.

Just before the cancellation was announced, I wrote to the Trust as follows: ‘May I respectfully congratulate your company on your decision to honour the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s booking with you in the summer?

‘Until recently, I was a Church of England vicar just outside Sheffield. The CofE’s official beliefs on the necessity of faith in Jesus Christ for eternal salvation and in its understanding of marriage as between one man and one woman for life are in line with Franklin Graham’s views. Even if individual bishops dissent from the official beliefs, the CofE has not yet formally changed its stance on these matters. In order to be consistent, a company with an arena like yours would have to ban, for example, a CofE diocesan conference from using its premises if it had also banned the BGEA.

‘Thank you so much for respecting legitimate Christian freedom of expression.’

I might have added that the CofE House of Bishops have just produced a very unPC statement reaffirming the Book of Common Prayer’s teaching that the expression of sexual love should be confined to heterosexual marriage.

The push-back against this statement has been swift, especially from the Bishops of Gloucester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Lichfield and the suffragan bishops in Lincoln Diocese.

But surely the very fact of this statement is enough to incur the fury of the woke-ist Stasi and get the CoE banned from various venues in which local councils have a stake?

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