If there’s all this far-Right hate around, why don’t we hear jackboots kicking at our door?

Mar 31, 2018 by

by Jules Gomes, Medium:

In 2013, I flushed my TV licence down the toilet. Growing up in India, I had clung to my infantile illusion that the BBC was second in sanctity only to the sacred cows squatting on the thoroughfares of Indian megalopolises. If cow dung was holy sh*t to most Hindus, the punditry of the BBC was an infallible papal pronouncement to the majority of Indians.

One day, Auntie converted to a new religion. She was baptised in the unholy waters of Leftism, multiculturalism and political correctness. Auntie turned into a whore. Like the false prophets from the period of the prophet Jeremiah, the BBC peddled its Band-Aid therapy to the people of Britain, repeating the mantra ‘Peace, peace’ when there was none.

But then, in the bleak media wilderness, along came YouTube. This was akin to the advent of John the Baptist with his sushi diet of locusts, his designer suit of camel’s hair and his politically incorrect fulminations against the alligators of the establishment swamp. In the twinkling of an eye, a host of articulate, intelligent and suave conservative stars mushroomed on YouTube, creating the world’s greatest democratic platform for a Niagara Falls of free speech that was both free (unrestricted content) and free (no licence fee).

Canadian professor and clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson is the best known of these celebrities. His audience has burgeoned exponentially. Across the pond, the Jewish trinity of American talk-show hosts Dennis Prager, Ben Shapiro and Mark Levin provide three hours of daily infotainment. If you want a pretty face and a soprano voice search for Ann Coulter, Lauren Southern or Laura Ingram. If you dying to hear a British accent,Katie Hopkins, Paul Joseph Watson and Tommy Robinson pop up with videos ranging from five to 55 minutes.

The new rhetoricians of the digital world vary considerably in style and intellectual rigour, but they all rail against open borders, unbridled immigration, Islamofasicm, climate change hysteria, transgender lunacy, government tyranny, political correctness, socialism and cultural Marxism.

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