I’m same-sex attracted and I’m voting No

Oct 12, 2017 by

by James Parker, MercatorNet:

I am at the heart of Australia’s No campaign regarding same-sex “marriage” and yet I experience same-sex attraction. I am labelled as bigoted, homophobic, and discriminatory and yet in the past I have risked imprisonment fighting for gay rights.

Few people realise that a significant percentage of Australia’s “out and proud” gay men and women are quietly voting No. These true-blue Australians see that at its core this ballot is not about love, equality or discrimination but about every Australian’s present and future freedoms, especially those of children, safeguarded for us in bygone years through the untimely deaths of ANZACs.

These same-sex attracted men and women tell me they are voting No because they believe that wherever possible children have the right to know and be cared for by their biological parents in line with Article 7 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. They want this relationship upheld and safeguarded at all costs. Understandably, many oppose any increase of commercial surrogacy and gay parenting, an obvious by-product of legalising same-sex marriage.

Others see marriage as the sacred union of one man and one woman which cannot be replicated by two people of the same sex through a civil or religious ceremony, and thereby should not promulgate a lie by taking on the same name.

Sadly, most gays and lesbians only dare share online with me their reasons for voting No for fear of being bashed by Yes supporters. If homosexuals fear speaking openly about deeper underlying issues – and they do – then clearly Australia’s postal ballot is not simply about two people of the same-sex desiring to marry. Neither is it about some hidden religious agenda as Western Australia’s Convenor for Marriage Equality and former Democrats Senator Brian Greig would have people believe.

Many gay people wisely foresee that Australians’ basic freedoms of speech, expression, religion and association will be under threat as a result of the words husband and wife being removed from the Marriage Act and replaced with the union of any two people. They rightly fear significant and even catastrophic consequences such as the dissolution of male and female across society, with its damaging effects across the school curriculum and into the family home as is being seen across Canada, the USA and the UK where radical gay sex education is becoming obligatory.

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