‘I’m truly sorry’: General Synod member issues apology for ‘he, she, it’ comment

Jul 9, 2024 by

by Heather Preston, Premier:

A member of the General Synod has issued an apology after referring to “he, she or it” during a discussion on blessing same-sex couples.

During a speech on common doctrine on Monday, barrister and lay member Daniel Matovu said: “Do we want to be the generation of which future generations say ‘In those days England had a King and each bishop taught as he, she or it saw fit’?”

The comment has sparked controversy within the Christian community and been labelled by some as “transphobic”.

Speaking on X, the Bishop of Newcastle Helen-Ann Hartley said she was “dismayed” by the “completely unacceptable” reference.

On Tuesday, Matovu issued an online apology for the “hurt” his language had caused, vowing not to “repeat the error” again.

He said: “I am absolutely devastated that I appear to have caused a great deal of hurt by the use of language which has been taken to be inflammatory or derogatory.

“I can assure you that it was never my intention to cause any offence in that way. I am truly sorry for any pain or hurt that I have caused.”

Matouv went on to explain that his comments were not directed at LGBTQ+ people but were referencing contradictory doctrine by bishops on marriage.

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