‘Impartial’ BBC is flexible with the facts in LGBT guide

Nov 19, 2019 by

by Caroline ffiske, TCW:

AS part of its General Election coverage, the BBC is running a ‘what to look out for’ series. It explains: ‘Throughout the 2019 General Election campaign, the BBC wants to answer your questions about the issues that matter most to you.’

One of the first in the series covers LGBT issues. The corporation has chosen to cover three areas: LGBT-inclusive education, hate crime, and reform of the Gender Recognition Act. You can see its full clip here.

The BBC is supposed to be an unbiased national broadcaster and we are in the run-up to an election. So I was keen to see its take. There is enormous concern amongst many people as to the way in which the increasing recognition of trans rights is conflicting with the hard-won rights, safety, and privacy of women and girls.

It is entirely possible to present both sides of the debate in a respectful way. And it’s a great idea to do so during an election period, providing people with material and ideas to challenge election candidates. So has the BBC got the balance right?

Sadly, I’m not even sure it’s getting its facts right. As for balance, that is out of the window.

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