In brief: Why is scrapping Gender Recognition Act reform such good news for women and girls?

Sep 21, 2020 by

from Fair Play for Women:

The UK government has decided GRA reform is to be scrapped in England and Wales. This comes after an incredible grassroots campaign by ordinary women. But why was it so important for us to defend our rights?

Transgender rights are already protected in law, and that won’t change. But trans pressure groups took it too far, they weren’t just asking for trans rights, they were demanding women’s sex-based rights too. Women said no.

Current rules mean the number of people who are allowed to change the sex on their birth certificates is small. Just a few thousand people have done so since 2004.

But demands for Self-ID would have meant *any man* could have changed his birth certificate to say he’d been BORN female.

We were told time and again not to worry about it.  This will have no impact on women’s sex-based rights. There’s no impact on privacy, safety or fairness for women and girls. They were wrong. This short article explains why.

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