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Oct 5, 2018 by

By Peter Jensen, Gafcon.

The recent announcement by the Standing Committee of the Anglican Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) that the Bishops of the Province had voted unanimously not to attend the Lambeth Conference unless the conditions set forth in the Gafcon Letter of June 2018 are met, comes as no surprise.
Nonetheless it is an historic moment.

The Nigerian Church (the largest in the Anglican world) has thus formally joined the Church of Uganda (the second largest) in declaring that its bishops will not attend, any more than they did in 2008. If these declarations express the unshakeable resolve of both Provinces, and given that other Provinces and bishops will join them, it means that the situation in 2008 is no anomaly. It represents a trajectory. The instruments of Communion are no longer fit for service. Something called the Lambeth Conference will take place but the absences will speak powerfully about the brokenness of the ordinary structures of the Anglican Communion.

Blame for this tragedy must be laid at the feet of those who defied the overwhelming majority view expressed in the 1998 Lambeth Conference. It is fatuous to criticise those who stood with the orthodox in the successive Provinces who have compromised the faith of the church on fundamental matters. It is not the orthodox who have changed the faith once for all delivered to the saints.

Fault must also be attributed to those who have tried well beyond the allowable time, to heal the wound of the people lightly, ‘saying Peace, Peace where there is no Peace’.

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