Independent Faith Engagement Review: call for evidence

Nov 17, 2020 by

From Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government:

This call for evidence seeks views from the public, and from experts in the field, on the government’s engagement with faith organisations; these views will help underpin this review’s findings and recommendations…

…The last few months have been very challenging for places of worship and people of faith. The significant restrictions that have been put in place to control the spread of the virus have limited people’s ability to worship, practice and celebrate their faith as they normally would.

This review began before the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is timely as the recommendations may well come to strengthen how government engages with faith groups during the COVID-19 recovery phase and beyond.

The call for evidence will pose a series of questions around how those of all faiths, or none, perceive the government’s engagement with faith organisations. Because the review is specifically about faith and religion, priority will be given to responses that fit within those parameters. However, space is given for respondents to share their views in a way that they feel is appropriate….

[From section 3]

  • the first section asks the question, “Are faith groups, places of worship and people of faith a force for good in society?”
  • the second section explores the extent to which government and its agencies have sufficient faith literacy and considers the partnership between faith groups and the State
  • the third section looks at some aspects where harm might be caused through religious or faith-based practices and a review of the government’s role in tackling them
  • the fourth and final section will be a set of recommendations for the government to consider and respond to

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[Editor’s note: readers are encouraged to make submissions to this consultation. It is to be hoped that the part of the enquiry highlighted in bold above will look at terrorism, abuse and similar factors, and not so-called harm inherent in orthodox Christian belief itself, as some are claiming.]

See also: Call for Evidence: How should the Government engage with faith groups? by Archbishop Cranmer

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