Interview: Finnish MP prosecuted for supporting real marriage

Jul 23, 2022 by

from Coalition for Marriage:

Found innocent in a district court, Finland’s is facing an appeal from the country’s Prosecutor General, who is convinced that support of real marriage is hate speech. Päivi, a Member of the Finnish Parliament and a former Minister of the Interior, took time out of her busy schedule to talk to me about why her stand for one man, one woman marriage is so important. Please do listen to our discussion here:

A medical doctor by training, Päivi found herself in trouble when she questioned her Church over its celebration of Pride. She asked: “How is it possible that the Church is supporting something and celebrating something as pride, which the Bible calls sin and shame?”, pointing out the contradiction with long-standing confessions of faith.

Following an official complaint – from a pastor – Päivi explains how she was told that “to speak about sin is insulting”. This, she says, denies the core message of the Bible that all are sinners. “It was not me”, she goes on, “but it was the Bible on trial”.

Read and watch video here

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