‘Into the Unknown’ and the Unknown God

Feb 13, 2020 by

I wasn’t expecting much from Frozen 2. But when I saw it with my family I discovered something unexpected. It came during the end credits as a version of the ballad “Into the Unknown”—Elsa’s flagship song in the film—is performed by the band Panic at the Disco. What I discovered in the Oscar-nominated song was a deep spiritual wrestling, a prayer of a coming generation.

Before reading further, take a few minutes to listen to the song below:

Prayer to Unknown God

Artists are antennas, prophets, even intercessors, expressing unspoken longings that are hard to articulate. To love the world around us we must learn to listen to her art.

Consider Paul’s sensitivity to the Greek art of his day in Acts 17 at the Areopagus. Paul observes the art on the walls in Athens, quotes their poets (v. 28), and begins to winsomely explain that the longings expressed in their art find satisfaction in a personal God they haven’t yet known. By taking note, in love, of the art works of the pagan culture, Paul could identify their “unknown god” as one who could become known in the person of Jesus, the Messiah.

As I listened to “Into the Unknown” in Frozen 2, I heard the prayer of a coming generation—not of a 30-year-old millennial munching on popcorn in 2020, but of the 3-year-old who will one day come of age in our current cultural milieu, wondering if there is something more than the shallowness on offer. I heard a questioning of the prevailing 21st-century Western belief that we are a random amalgamation of chemicals with no meaningful beginning or ultimate end. I heard a gasp for the pure air of transcendence in the oxygen-deprived world of existential boredom. I heard a prayer to know an unknown god.

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